We currently have 3 types of websites we specialize our web development plans around!

Static Website

Static websites have content that gets updated maybe once a year and are low cost solutions to getting started on the web! They do offer more freedom with planned design but still lack a CMS. Very secure since there are no databases, most solutions can be upgraded for an additional cost.

Dynamic Website

More complex then your basic Static Website. The content on this type of website can be controlled in many ways based on how the user interacts with your website! These types of website are great for blogs, services and information websites!

E-Commerce Website

And the last type of website is E-Commerce. These websites allow you to sell either physical or digital goods to your consumers! These websites require lots of attention and need monitored regularly to ensure you are meeting the customers demand!


  • Quick Loading, Page Updates Instant
  • Secure, Less Points Of Entry
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Simple Set-Up Process
  • More Creative Freedom


  • Updates Will Need A Developer
  • No CMS, Content Targeting Is Limited
  • Low User Engagement
  • Often Are Hand Coded, More Labor Intensive


  • More Interactive, User Targeted Content
  • Able To Be Scaled For The Future
  • Contains A CMS, User and Content Management
  • Usually A Deployed Package, Less Coding
  • Customization From Almost Any Aspect


  • Security, 3rd Party Plugins, and More Web Calls
  • The More Features, The More Complex
  • Increased Load Times If Not Setup Properly
  • Cost Increase, Requires More Resources


  • Contains Inventory¬†Management
  • User and Order Management
  • Sell 24/7
  • Highly Customizable
  • Analytics and Monitoring


  • Higher Operating¬†Cost
  • Time And Labor Intensive
  • Need Internet and Device To Use
  • Larger Market, Low Engagments

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